Guitars - Pickup Uprgrade

I had to send my trusty Taylor 414ce-L2 guitar back to the factory for an electronics repair. My guitar had the very first version of the Taylor Expression System electronics from 2003. Since it was first introduced, there have been many revisions to the Expression System, but I hadn't yet felt the need to upgrade. Recently, the amplified sound coming from the electronic pickup in the guitar developed an unpleasantly distorted sound. This was not the beautifully harmonic distortion we associate with a tube amplifier, but a generally unpleasant sound. So, I decided to send the guitar to the Taylor Factory for an upgrade to the newest revision of the Expression System, and now I am anxiously awaiting its return in hopes that the new system will be superior to the 2003 version.

Not to worry, I am fortunate to have some other fine guitar available while awaiting the return of my main axe. The newest addition to my collection is the Taylor GS Mini. Equipped with the optional ESgo pickup, this guitar is ready for some serious travel! It plays and sounds remarkably great for a small travel guitar, and it will be a relief to fly with compared to a full size guitar in a hard case... not always easy to carry on!

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