My guitar is coming home!

I just got a call from the Taylor Guitars factory with the news that my guitar service is finished and it is coming home!  I can't wait to hear the sound of the new pickup... hopefully an improvement from the first generation Expression System I have been playing for years.  My guitar also recieved a partial fret job, so it should be back to mint condition and play like new! 

It has been great fun playing my newest guitar, the Taylor GS Mini, while my main axe has been in the shop.  I'll soon be posting a review detailing its stellar performance as a travel guitar.

I am in Denver this week and played at the Meadowlark Bar open stage last night - a very cool venue with a cozy basement feel, stone walls, and awesome dim lighting.  I hope to be back soon.  Tonight I plan to check out the open stage at Mercury Cafe, Wednesdays @ 8pm.  Stop by and share a song if you're in town...

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