Spring Tour Video

I finally got around to some overdue video editing.  Here is a description of my latest project:

A sequential collection of highlights from my Midwest Tour in the spring of 2011.

I drove 3500 miles from Colorado through Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee performing shows along the way to support the release of my album "That Side of Me." The adventure lasted about 3 weeks, in which time I played 17 gigs in 12 cities, and included days of driving, abundant scenery, and a lot of music. I met some great people in Nashville and Chicago, and visited family in Indiana before circling back to Colorado, making it home just in time to start a busy summer season of performing.

The song "Everything's Right" is the first track on the album "That Side of Me." Available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody... and right here on BrandenSipes.com!

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